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Zur En Arrh


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Zur En Arrh


21st century

First Appearance

The Super Batman of Planet X!


Zur En Arrh is located light years away from Earth. Its three common atmospheric elements are Nitrogen, Oxygen, and Rhodon. Tlano, a local, decided to become a vigilante named Batman. The main city is Gothtropolis and is populated with Zeta Birds, Air Cars, and plagued with crime. Batman and his Bat Radia became an unstoppable force of justice and many found a new home on the Zeta Alpha Prison Planet. Organized crime centered in the north end of the city, costumed thieves, super villains, natural disasters, and monsters threaten the massive city on a daily basis. One of the local newspapers is the Solar Cycle Globe, who employs star reporters Vilsi Valar and Tlano.

When Rohtul unleashed his robot army on Zur En Arrh yet again, Tlano brought along a second Batman from Earth. When Earthlings and Zur En Arrh's Rhodon element interact, they are given amazing super powers such as cryokinesis, flight, impenetrable skin,enhanced speed and enhanced strength. Batman stopped a robbery at the Gothtropolis Bank, stopped 35 other crimes, eliminated organized crime, reforested an area devastated by wildfire, destroyed a comet headed for the planet, and fought a giant three-eyed green monster. In a final showdown, both Batman resorted to their wits and gadgets to defeat Rohtul again. Green Arrow soon arrived via wormhole to take Batman home to Earth. Months later, a Legion of Doom feed was picked up by Rohtul.