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Zeta Beam


Adam Strange




21st century

First Appearance

Mystery in Space!


The Zeta Beam was created by Sardath, High Science Arcon on the planet Rann, to communicate with other worlds in hopes of finding allies. Instead, the Zeta Beam safely transported Adam Strange from Earth to Rann. The effects of the beam are temporary and when the radiation dissipates, the person returns back to their point of departure. To further complicate matters, the Zeta Beam can only be used when the target is in the line of sight. Over time, the next transmission of the Zeta Beam could be easily calculated.

In order to defeat the Gordanians, the Zeta Beam needed more power to draw from to transport the Moon to Rann. Aquaman used insulated cables and attached them to underwater thermal energy fissures. After the Beam's core reached Omega level, Batman was able to successfully teleport the Moon to Rann and create an eclipse that neutralized the Gordanians' weapon.

The frequency of the Zeta Beam was once hijacked by Kanjar Ro by using the Energi-Rod. Ro planned to use the Zeta Beam to teleport a Negaton Bomb to Rann and begin his conquest of the universe.