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Star Sapphire


Guardians of the Universe

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Scorn of the Star Sapphire!


After the incident caused by Krona, the Maltusian race split over ideological differences. The female members of this race left Oa and felt no desire to involve themselves in keeping peace and order in the universe. Renaming themselves the Zamarons, they evolved into pale humanoids. Society flourished under a matriarchal monarchy and they developed a warrior culture that embraced emotion, focused on physical attributes, and made purple crystals to store their psionic energies. The Zamarons' most important custom was choosing a female that bears specific appearances of their leader, the Star Sapphire.

While flying a prototype for Ferris Industries, Carol Ferris was intercepted by the Zamarons. They came to Earth in search of a host for the Star Sapphire entity. The Zamarons settled on Ferris and gave her the Star Sapphire Power Ring. After some time, Star Sapphire opened a portal on Earth and welcomed the first wave of the Zamaron invasion of Earth. Batman held his own against them as Green Lantern faced Star Sapphire. After Carol Ferris and the Star Sapphire entity were neutralized, the Zamarons fled back through the portal.