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The JSA at War


After his attack of the White House on American soil. The Justice Society soundly defeated Degaton and drove him back to his stronghold in Europe. The battle for Europe took place somewhere on the european continent, presumably on an island or beside the coastline where Per Degaton's base was located probably sometime in the 1940's.

The Battle[]

The battle starts with Per Degaton moving his troops into position to make ready for the allies approaching invasion. As the allied troops exit the landing craft they are gradually shot by Degaton's Spear of Destiny turning them into old men ready for capture.

Landing at the base

Luckily for the allies, the Justice Society show up in a landing craft and proceed to take out Degaton's defenses. While Flash and Wildcat draw the fire of the Axis troops and turrets while taking them out, Hourman charges the front lines destroying the heavy artillery. Hawkman deals with any threat from the air by taking out the planes. During this time, Dr. Mid Nite and Black Canary sneak behind enemy lines and launch a surprise attack.

Dr. Mid Nite takes out Professor Zee with a swift punch. Black Canary on the other hand unleashes her Canary Cry which damages the spear. When Degaton tries to use it, he vanishes and presumably turns all the Allied troops back to there normal states. The Axis troops then surrender and the Justice Society congratulate each other on a job well done.

Canary Cry




The Axis strengths were


Fighter Jets


Spear of Destiny

The Allied Strengths were

Landing Craft


Several Fighter Jets (Turrets can be seen firing towards the sky in several directions)

Justice Society of America


The losses of the Axis included Per Degaton and most of the Axis base, troops, tanks, turrets and planes. The Allied losses were relatively few.


At the end of the battle Degaton is presumed dead and Proffesor Zee is M.I.A. The Axis troops surrendered meaning that Deagton's and the Axis's plans for that area were thwarted.