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Wonder Girl
Donna troy

Real Name

Donna Troy






Teen Titans

Abilities and Powers


First Appearance

Batman: The Brave and the Bold Vol 1 16

Voiced By

Mae Whitman

"But we can help!"



Wonder Woman arrived in time to save an orphaned girl from an apartment fire. Unable to locate any family members, Wonder Woman decided to take the girl back to Paradise Island. Eventually, the Amazons decided to imbue her with their powers with the Purple Ray.

Raised with Amazon teachings and inspired by her hero, she crafted a similar costume and became Wonder Girl. She also adopted a civilian identity of Donna Troy. Wonder Girl soon encountered a group of fellow teenage heroes and suggested they form an official one, the Teen Titans.

Wonder Girl, who cannot officially make an appearance in the show due to legal reasons did make an appearance in the Batman the Brave and the Bold comic issue 16# where she and the Teen Titans are hypnotized by Nocturna and forced to fight Batman. After Batman frees them by releasing a sonic shockwave, Wonder Girl remains the only Titan still conscious. She thanks Batman but warns him of the SOS she got from Wonder Woman. While insisting that she and her friends can help Batman orders her to stay behind, saying that it is past their curfew.

Powers and Abilities

Like her mentor Wonder Girl has super strength, speed and stamina.