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White Dwarf Star


Atom (Ray Palmer), Atom (Ryan Choi)




21st century

First Appearance

The Criss Cross Conspiracy!


White Dwarf is a type of dense star whose mass is not high enough to evolve into a supernova. They account for 97% of stars in the Milky Way Galaxy. It has the mass of the Sun and volume of the Earth. It was first known to be utilized by a race of aliens called the Katarthans. The star was incorporated into a lens that focused plasma on their ship's warp drive. A piece of White Dwarf Star matter fell to Earth where it was discovered by the Atom (Ray Palmer). He used it to power his Bio Belt and perfect the power to shrink in size. He kept the matter in his lab for further study.

During a battle with the Bug-Eyed Bandit, the Bio Belt was broken and Atom guided Aquaman to place the White Dwarf Star on the Spectrophotometer. Once Aquaman did so, the toaster-like device restored Atom, Batman and Bug-Eyed Bandit to normal size.