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Well Ahoy! is the opening theme song from the fictional sitcom about Aquaman and his family, entitled "The Currys of Atlantis" from the teaser of the episode Sword of the Atom!

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Well ahoy, well ahoy, well ahoy my friends!
Hope your journey here didn't give you the bends!
Any worry you had, here is where it ends!
Look Fluke's brought you a toy!

Well ahoy, well ahoy, oh it's such a joy!
Here's my darling wife and my bouncing boy!
And that old Black Manta is bound to annoy!
Aqualad is my decoy!

The Curry's of Atlantis are just like you and me,
The only major difference is that they are royalty!
Well ahoy, well ahoy, well ahoy my friends!
Have a chair over there and relax, my friends!
You'll be entertained to the max, my friends!
Well ahoy, well ahoy, well ahoy!


The Currys of Atlantis