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Weeper BTBATB 001

Real Name

Mortimer Gloom







Abilities and Powers

Strategy and Manipulation

First Appearance

Joker: The Vile and the Villainous!

Voiced By

Tim Conway



Weeper aka Mortimer Gloom was once the "Crying Clown", a circus performer but he was fired for being dishonest. Gloom perceived the world as a sad place and vowed to make it even more unhappy, as the Weeper. He donned a blue opera cape, top hat, and walking stick. While accomplishing some of the most brilliant and brutal crimes, the Weeper would always shed tears for his victims. He was armed with a malleable handkerchief, a cane that releases sadness inducing rain clouds and drove a hearse for a getaway vehicle. The Weeper was reputed as the greatest villain of all time, credited with inventing the term supervillain, and the first to use a signature motif in all of his crimes.

The Weeper was once on the verge of destroying Gotham City but was opposed by Bulletman. During the battle, Bulletman appealed to his remorse and defeated him. The Weeper was sentenced to 30 years and made a small fortune stamping license plates. The legend of the Weeper, the "Crying Crime King" inspired the next generation of villainy, even the Joker. After serving his sentence, Weeper purchased an abandoned Pete's Pizza franchise with the intent to rebuild it and own a legitimate business. The Weeper never followed through with the plan and was seen at a seedy bar patroned by supervillains. He and the Joker met and teamed up to destroy the Batprobe, a device that could detect crime instantly and alert the authorities.

During a battle with Batman, the Weeper hesitated to kill him and believed he wasn't evil enough. After observing a frightened child return stolen gum, the Weeper re-dedicated himself to make the world safe for the criminals of tomorrow. He met up with the Joker and they set off to destroy the Batprobe. However, the Weeper double-crossed the Joker at the last second and announced himself as the sole king of crime in Gotham. Batman then defeated the duo. After observing the Joker weep in frustration, the Weeper laughed.