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Weaponers of Qward
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Base of Operations


Team Leader(s)

Supreme Chairman

Current Members

Various members


Various Allies


Freedom Fighters

First Appearance

Cry Freedom Fighters!


On the planet Qward, some worship evil and hate those who stand for good. Humanoid in appearance, the Weaponers of Qward are master blacksmiths and warriors. Led by the Supreme Chairman, the Weaponers infiltrated the government and took over. They then set their sights on Earth. However, the Qwardian operatives were defeated by Batman, Plastic Man, and Uncle Sam. In the meantime, they captured the leader of Qward's resistance forces, Telle-Teg. Soon enough Batman and most of the Freedom Fighters were captured to be executed on a live broadcast as a lesson to all. Plastic Man arrived and initiated Uncle Sam's revival. Batman then fought the Supreme Chairman, who revealed special battle armor. With a hand from Uncle Sam, Batman destroyed the suit and Plastic Man knocked out the Chairman.