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Warlords of Okaara

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The Eyes of Despero!


Okaarans are a race of aliens native to the Vegan star system and inhabit its thirteenth planet. The most famous of the inhabitants are the Warlords of Okaara. For thousands of years, the Warlords have trained prodigal children in the Vegan star system in the art of war. They believed the art of war and the humanities are eternally connected with one another. The Warlords instructed their students to develop a deep sense of self worth, in order to value life and treasure what they fight for. A constant tenant in their philosophy is to love a friend and hate an enemy, compassion and compromise, and when all else fails, the only recourse would be war.

Recently, the Green Lantern Sinestro was assigned to suppress the Warlords. Sinestro decided that the Warlords were too chaotic in nature and used force after they surrendered. Sinestro killed almost every Warlord, destroyed their space fleet, and set up a puppet government with the remaining Warlords that pledged loyalty to him. The Guardians of the Universe discovered this and quickly extracted Sinestro and imprisoned him on Oa.

Months later, the Warlords were involved in a war against the Controllers. Batman intervened and sought to force a peace treaty. While Hawk and Dove took on the ground troops, Batman used an onboard Alien Nullifier Beam to neutralize the two groups' warships in space. Both sides then agreed to sign a peace treaty with Batman as a liaison.