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War Moon
War moon






21st century

First Appearance

Death Race to Oblivion!


War Moon, much like it's larger predecessor, is a massive satellite and is used for interstellar travel. In particular, Mongul used it to travel to Earth to destroy it. But first, he utilized to carve out a special race track for a Death Race issued to a handful of the world's heroes and villains. If anyone refused, Mongul would destroy their home city with the War Moon. Likewise, if his champion Steppenwolf won, Mongul would destroy Earth.

However, Batman easily figured out a plan to distract Mongul with a ruthless desire to win the race while his defeated allies gathered in the War Moon. Green Arrow used a electromagnetic pulse to weaken the Moon's prison cell force fields and shot Guy Gardner free. Once all the heroes were free, they converged on the War Moon's energy core and fatally sabotaged it. After Gardner escaped with everyone in tow, the War Moon blew up.