Uncle Sam
Uncle Sam1.jpg

Real Name





Mystical Being


Freedom Fighters

Abilities and Powers

Emotion Absorption, Size Manipulation, Enhanced Strength, and Impenetrable Skin

First Appearance

Cry Freedom Fighters!

Voiced By

Peter Renaday



After the formation of the United States of America in 1776, the Founding Fathers initiated a mystic ritual that created the American Talisman, the embodiment of the young nation's patriotic spirit. When needed, it would usually magically bond to an American citizen displaying a high level of patriotism and manifest as Uncle Sam. He appeared throughout history, such as the Battle of Gettysburg in July 1863. During the World War II era, the Talisman bonded to a man named Samuel and Uncle Sam appeared at a war bonds rally with Batman, who was probably time traveling. Armed with several abilities, Uncle Sam's powers are proportionate to the country's faith in the ideals of freedom and liberty. He later formed and leads the Freedom Fighters.

In the present era, Uncle Sam received a warning from Teletig of planet Qward, warning them of a subversive threat. Impressed by Plastic Man's spirit, Uncle Sam invited him to join the Freedom Fighters. In the course of the mission, Uncle Sam exhausted his power and vanished, telling Plastic Man to unleash the spirit of freedom on Qward. Plastic Man then interrupted the Supreme Chairman's live execution of the Freedom Fighters and sang Yankee Doodle. The heroes and Qwardians joined in. The level of patriotism revived Uncle Sam and the Qwardian Weaponers were defeated.


Uncle Sam was a friendly and trusting if not a bit naïve old man as he let Plastic Man, a hero who believed that the Republican and Democratic symbols were representations of the circus, join his team. He enjoyed using lines relating to American patriotism and was supposedly good friends with the President.

Powers and Abilities

Uncle Sam is the embodiment of the American virtues of Freedom, Liberty, and Justice but despite this, he can draw upon these virtues to give him strength in any culture, even ones not found on Earth. He is extraordinarily strong and a master of hand to hand combat. He can also channel his power to create force fields or lend that power to someone else to augment them. However, if a local population does not embrace the attributes that give him his power, Uncle Sam can fade away but cannot die as he is a symbol rather than an actual being.


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