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Professor Zoom


Professor Zoom


25th century

First Appearance

Requiem for a Scarlet Speedster!


When Batman, Flash (Jay Garrick), and Kid Flash teleported to the 25th century, they found themselves in a world ruled by Professor Zoom, the Reverse-Flash. A hovering robot scanned them and deemed them unauthorized superhumans then alerted the police known as the Speed Force. The Speed Force then arrived in hover squad cars armed with wrist bands that gave them a certain measure of super speed. Although armed with several of these bands, Batman was no match for Professor Zoom who also had the combined power of the Flashes at the time.

Zoom's grandest device was a speed generator he trapped Flash (Barry Allen) in. It effectively siphoned speed off of Allen and induced a perpetual treadmill. He managed to send after images to the past for help but then all three Flashes were trapped in it. However, they decided to speed themselves as fast as they could and create a dimensional rift to travel through space, not time. Barry Allen was elected and he found himself outside of Fortress Zoom. After Zoom was defeated, the generator was most likely destroyed. Subscribe to graalcentral