Tweedledum and Tweedledee
Tweedle Dee Tweedle Dum BTBATB 001

Real Name

Dumfree and Deever Tweed







Abilities and Powers

Tandem Combat, Acrobatics

First Appearance

Night of the Huntress!

Voiced By




Tweedledum and Tweedledee aka Dumfree and Deever Tweed are cousins who resemble each other so closely that they are often mistaken as identical twins and Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee from Lewis Caroll's sequel to Alice's Adventures in Wonderland entitled Through the Looking-Glass. As in their normal lives, the Tweed's trick others into thinking one is the other. Others believe they act so well in union that each Tweed acts as half of one brain.

They decided to use the character's names as their criminal personas and mastermind elaborate schemes together in Gotham City. Over the years, Batman has defeated them and they have been incarcerated in both Arkham Asylum and Blackgate Prison. Eventually, they joined Babyface's gang. When the gang infiltrated Warehouse X, the Tweed's piloted twin mini helicopters. They were later defeated by Blue Beetle.

The Tweed's became part of Bat Mite's imagined day as Batman. They were incarcerated at Arkham Asylum and placed in separate padded rooms.

Abilities & Powers

They are both highly skilled acrobats who are able to effortlessly pull off highly technical manuevers, which they incorporate into their tag-team fighting style.


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