Trick Arrows
Green Arrow


Green Arrow, Speedy


Green Arrow


21st century

First Appearance

Rise of the Blue Beetle!

"You think your pitiful arrows can stop me?"


The chosen weapon of Green Arrow and Speedy, the trick arrows are an assortment of concealed devices from the most useful to the most humorous- boxing gloves, gas, cryogenic, taser, explosives, nets, fire retardant foam, and even, a plunger. Despite the top-heavy design, both archers are able to fire the speciality arrows with the same accuracy as a normal arrow.

In an unorthodox fashion, the cryogenic arrows were utilized to defeat Ra's al Ghul . Unable to shut down the Chlorocannon, Aqualad suggested short circuiting the firing mechanism. Speedy offered up cryogenic arrows and the trio jammed the control panel in unison. The Chlorocannon stopped instantly and forced Ra's to use the Flying Island's self-destruct protocol.