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Time Creature
Time Creature

Real Name

Time Creature




Creature of Energy



Abilities and Powers

Pyrokinesis, Heat Absorption, and Force Field Generation

First Appearance

Legends of the Dark Mite!

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The Creature of Energy was created in 336 B.C. when a strange fireball exploded in a solar system near Earth's. Pieces of the fireball landed on various planets and alien gases contained in it manifested several of these creatures, a new type of life. The Time Creature burned its way through cities and fed on flames until one race perfected a weapon to destroy it. It drew and absorbed the creature's energy aura, and thus, disintegrated it into a pile of dust. The aliens continued to hunt down all of the creatures until the last one was tracked down on Earth. However, it was contained in a dead volcano on an island in the Mediterranean Sea. They decided to hide the weapon for the day the human race would need it. In the 20th century, the creature awakened and was opposed by Superman, Batman and Robin. Due to its force field, not even Superman could damage it.

Batman and Robin heard an unusual whistling sound coming from a cavern. They discovered a prism atop an apparatus. It was a recording left by the alien. The device was activated when it detected the wavelength of energy the creature emits. Transmitted by telepathic contact, Batman and Robin learned the creature's origin. To the duo's dismay, the weapon was missing. While Superman fought off the creature with icebergs and lead, Batman and Robin utilized Professor Nichols' Time Machine to travel back in time. They learned a farmer named Marcus found the weapon and sold it to Sethy, the captain of a merchant ship bound for Egypt. After being taken as galley slaves, Batman and Robin incited a revolt and escaped to Egypt. They learned the weapon was given to the Pharaoh as a gift. Batman and Robin stole the device and hid it in a small pyramid. Nichols sent Superman back to rescue and bring them back to the present. After Superman burrowed underground for the weapon, they unleashed it upon the creature and disintegrated it.

Years later, when Bat Mite was insulted by Batman's comments, he transported him to a distant planet and populated it with aliens and monsters. One of the monsters was the Time Creature, whom Batman extinguished with a Bat Grenade.

Powers and Abilities[]