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Thomas and Martha Wayne
The Waynes

Real Name

Dr. Thomas Alan Wayne
Martha Wayne






Alfred Pennyworth

Abilities and Powers

Medicine and Business

First Appearance

Invasion of the Secret Santas!

Voiced By

Diedrich Bader (Thomas Wayne), Pat Musick (Martha Wayne), Adam West (Thomas Wayne), and Julie Newmar (Martha Wayne)



Dr. Thomas and Martha Wayne are the late parents of Bruce Wayne. Dr. Wayne graduated from Gotham State University's prestigious medical school. Using the family wealth, Dr. Wayne startedWayne Enterprises, dedicated to social works and business endeavors. At the 3rd Annual Charity Gala on Halloween night, the theme was winged creatures. Thomas and Martha attended, dressed as a bat and butterfly, respectively. They met another attendee dressed as a bat who called himself Matthew Malone. Together, he and Thomas Wayne teamed up to stop a robbery led by Lew Moxon. All but one criminal was apprehended, Joe Chill. Thomas' costume would later be a subconscious inspiration for Batman's first costume.

On Christmas, the Wayne's were walking home in Park Row with their son, Bruce Wayne after watching the Mask of Zorro. Dr. Wayne was unsuccessful in cheering up his son after he didn't get the action figure he wanted. Instead, Dr. Wayne gave him a nutcracker figure that he inherited from his grandfather when he was a child. Bruce Wayne changed his mind and wanted to emulate Zorro. The trio encountered Joe Chill, who vowed to get revenge on Thomas Wayne. Both of Bruce's parents were shot dead. Bruce went on to promise to avenge their deaths.

Buried alive in London, Batman utilized astral projection to send his consciousness to look for help. During the journey, Batman was given the chance to cross over to the next plane of existence. Dr. Thomas and Martha Wayne appeared to their son and almost convinced him to cross over. Batman realized he still had his mission of justice to carry out. When Lew Moxon went terminal, Batman used the opportunity to finally get the name of the man who killed his parents. With the Phantom Stranger and the Spectre observing Batman, he finally confronted Joe Chill and closed the case that made him. In the Batcave, Batman brought out Thomas Wayne's Bat costume and hung it in a display to commemorate the closure.



In the episode Chill of the Night Thomas Wayne was be voiced by Adam West and Martha Wayne was voiced by Julie Newmar. They are the same people who portrayed Batman and Catwoman in the original 60's series.