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Theta Ray


Kite Man


Kite Man


21st century

First Appearance

Long Arm of the Law!


The Theta Ray is the invention of Kite Man and is named after theta rhythm, an oscillatory pattern in EEG signals that originate from activity of neurons in the brain. Inspired to get revenge on Plastic Man for years of prison, Kite Man created the ray solely to manipulate the molecular structure of his targets. Since Plastic Man's genetic code was altered, Kite Man needed to secure a sample of him and test it on the Ray.

After finding the correct polarity, he could use the ray to turn even Plastic Man into stone. All that was left was a sufficient power source. Rubberneck, his henchman, was dispatched to the east side of Gotham City to steal an industry power module. While Batman and Plastic Man fought Kite Man and Rubberneck, Woozy Winks altered the Theta Ray and it went out of control. It randomly turned people into stone or made them as malleable as Plastic Man. Batman either confiscated it for Warehouse X or destroyed it.