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The Faceless Hunter
Faceless Hunter

Real Name

Chun Yull







Abilities and Powers

Enhanced Strength, resilience, Durability, Stamina and Reflexes, Dynamic Camouflage, Survival Underwater, Armed Combat & Unarmed Combat, Advanced Scientific Paraphernalia

First Appearance

Clash of the Metal Men!

Voiced By

John DiMaggio



Chun Yull is a Faceless Hunter of Klaramar, a subatomic Saturn moon. With dark orange skin, pointy ears and a average height of nine feet; the Faceless Hunter's most unique feature is having no face. He is also armed with a small arsenal of advanced technology for long and short range combat. However, for being a hunter, he was a social outcast. Yull desired to conquer and became the herald of Starro. He approached the alien conqueror and offered a bargain by destroying his peace loving planet and he would become its agent. When Starro arrived on Klaramar, it learned mind control had no effect on the native people so the moon was destroyed.

The bargain was honored and the Faceless Hunter became Starro's agent. For an unknown amount of time, the Faceless Hunter traveled the universe and scouted planets and civilizations for new feeding grounds to satisfy his master. He also amassed an impressive display of organic and inorganic trophies: Brainiac, a Thanagarian, a Parademon, Gleek, a Mother Box, a Sun Eater, and Excalibur. He also had a separate display named the Hall of Vanquished Heroes, for champions he was slain in combat, as well.

The Faceless Hunter journeyed with Starro clones a billion light years to Earth and began to systematically neutralize Earth's defenses. Upon landing on Dinosaur Island, he struck at Atlantis and placed them all under the control of Starro. In a short time, he nearly had three dozen superheroes implanted with Starro clones. He also had the task of eliminating those heroes who could resist mind control, including Red Tornado. On October 3rd, Faceless Hunter infiltrated the Batcave and attempted to implant Batman with a clone. He failed and implanted only Bat Hound. Undaunted, he settled aboard his space cruiser and watched as Starro arrived. He was impressed by the fusing powers of B'Wana Beast and began to formulate a new plan. He kidnapped B'Wana, bonded him to a machine, and forced him to fuse Starro and its clones into one giant monster, a new weapon to spread death and destruction across the universe. Batman forced his way into Hunter's space cruiser after sacrificing the Bat Mobile. Unable to utilize any of his weapons nor trophies to defeat Faceless Hunter, Batman tricked him with a hologram and imprisoned Hunter in one of his own energy grid cells. The Faceless Hunter was most likely turned over to the custody of the Green Lantern Corps and imprisoned on Oa.