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Terrible Trio
Terrible Trio

Base of Operations

Wudang Temple

Team Leader(s)


Current Members

Fox, Shark, Vulture

Former Members



Wong Fei


Batman, Bronze Tiger

First Apperance

Return of the Fearsome Fangs!


Terrible Trio are a group of villainous martial artists. The members include Fox, Vulture, and Shark. The three inventors became wealthy with their creations and sought challenges and thrills all across the world. They became students under Master Wong Fei of the Wudang Temple in China years ago. They were required to wear masks of animals that represented a traditional element. Fox represented land, Shark represented water, and Vulture represented air. They went head on against Batman and Robin, but were defeated by the Dynamic Duo.

After leaving Wudang, the Terrible Trio joined the Shadow Clan. Over time, the three lusted for power and set their sights on their former school for its powerful totem. If they combined the Wudang Totem with the mystic power the Shadow Clan possessed, they would be unstoppable. After poisoning Master Wong Fei, the Trio later returned to take the Totem despite the appearance of Batman and Bronze Tiger. They set their sights on Hong Kong. Luckily, Bronze Tiger resorted to his wits and took the Totem. Together with Batman, he defeated the Trio.