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Ten-Eyed Man

Real Name

Phillip Reardon







Abilities and Powers

Enhanced Vision and Military Training

First Appearance

A Bat Divided!

Voiced By

Robin Atkin Downes



Phillip Reardon was an elite soldier in the United States Special Forces during the Vietnam conflict. He was honorably discharged after a grenade fragment hit him between the eyes. After settling back into a normal life, Reardon took a job as a warehouse security guard. One night, he happened upon a group of thieves that planned to blow up the bilding. In the confusion, he fought against Batman. The bomb went off and in the explosion, his retinas were burned and he became blind.

A surgeon named Dr. Engstrom reconnected Reardon's optic nerves to his fingertips and from then on, he could see through his ten fingers in a full 360 degree range. Reardon grew bitter and blamed Batman for his current condition. As Ten-Eyed Man, he attempted to kill Batman in a jungle deathtrap but failed. Since his eyes are his fingers, they are extremely vulnerable and often his strength and weakness.

Ten-Eyed Man was present at a seedy bar when a new hero named Firestorm and three Batmen appeared. Some time later, Ten-Eyed Man attempted to rob a jewelry store while it was closed for the night. When Batman appeared, Ten-Eyed Man decided it was an opportunity to get revenge but was confused when Bat-Mite, who concluded the villain was C-List, arrived. He conjured a potted cactus for Batman who then threw it to Ten-Eyed Man. After catching it, his eyes were damaged and Batman defeated him.

Powers and Abilities[]