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Talia al Ghul
Talia al Ghul

Real Name

Talia al Ghul






Society of Shadows, Ubu

Abilities and Powers

Marksmanship, Armed Combat, and Unarmed Combat

First Appearance

Sidekicks Assemble!

Voiced By

Andrea Bowen


Ra's al Ghul (father)

"Don't flatter yourself"


Talia, the daughter of Ra's al Ghul, was raised and trained by him in seclusion to become a great warrior and leader. However, he began to doubt that the power of the Lazarus Pit would be able to continue to resurrect him. Talia was not a worthy heir as she developed a sharp tongue and strong will, no substitute for a son. Although duty-bound to her father, Talia often foils her father's plans when her own interests are compromised. However, she still believes it is her destiny to take over Ra's' empire.

Despite her disinterest and constant rejections, Robin continued to openly flirt with Talia. Years later, she freed Robin and his allies, Aqualad and Speedy, from a death trap in fear of Robin accepting Ra's' offer to be his heir. She returned their gear to them and guided them to the path back to the Flying Island's control room. Soon after, she and Ubu boarded a helicopter and escaped with Ra's before Batman could arrest them. Some time later, Talia helped Batman escape a death trap and returned his Utility Belt. She professed her love with a kiss. The near speechless Batman rushed away to send a distress signal to the Justice League International. He and Talia were captured and tied up to Ra's al Ghul's fusion rocket. The duo was freed by Green Lantern (Alan Scott).

Powers and Abilities

Talia has no super powers. Instead, she is a skilled combatent and very deadly.


Season 2

Sidekicks Assemble!

Season 3