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Superhero Memorial


United States of America


United States of America


21st century

First Appearance

Triumvirate of Terror!


The Superhero Memorial is a statue and time capsule created to serve as a message to future generations of superheroes. It was set to open in 50 years. The committee in charge asked Batman for a Batarang, Wonder Woman for her tiara, and Superman for his cape. The Big Three were unsure if that was what defined them and set out to find the proper donations. Ironically enough, when Batman entered a query into the Bat Computer, it suggested a Batarang. After the Big Three defeated the Legion of Doom, they were almost out of time. They donated a jukebox from a Star City diner they patronize.

50 years later, Prez presided over a public ceremony at the Superhero Memorial and opened the time capsule. Clark Kent, Diana Prince, and Bruce Wayne were present at the ceremony. However, giant robots disrupted it and forced the Big Three to save the day yet again.