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Super Collider
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Kru'll the Eternal


Kru'll the Eternal


21st century

First Appearance

Menace of the Conqueror Caveman!


Super Colliders are an informal term for particle accelerators. These structures were created by scientists to study high energy particle physics. An electrical field propels particles at high speeds in order for scientists to study exotic particles that are otherwise impossible to exist in a suitable environment.

One type of collider is constructed as a circular arena. Bent by an electromagnet, the track moves particles until enough energy is built up. The main advantage of the circular design is that it can indefinitely transport particles compared to a linear design.

Kru'll the Eternal, in his centuries of experience, managed to construct his own collider and studied particle physics, most likely to discover more about the mysterious meteorite that empowered him. The track was later used as a deathtrap to kill Booster Gold and Skeets. Skeets was able to deduce it could overload the field and save them.