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Sun Eater




Faceless Hunter


21st century

First Appearance

Siege of Starro, Part Two!


The Controllers, an offshoot from the same race as the Guardians of the Universe, developed the Sun Eaters as a pre-emptive method to destroy worlds and civilizations that they concluded to be too "evil" and needed to be destroyed before they caused a calamity. Each Sun Eater was kept in a dormant state until needed and watched over by a Controller specified as its keeper. Once fully powered, the already heavily shielded core of the Sun Eater is protected by a lethal gas cloud. As its namesake, the Sun Eater seeks out suns and devours an entire star. As a result, the the planets that depend on the sun fall out of orbit and life perishes. Exact specifications are unknown but it is believed that a fully operational Sun Eater is at least 2000 miles in diameter.

When the Faceless Hunter was under the employ of Starro, he appeared to have killed one of these Controllers and took a dormant Sun Eater as a trophy. It is on display in his space cruiser.