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Star Girl BTBATB

Real Name

Courtney Whitmore






Batman (Allies)

Abilities and Powers

Enhanced Physical Attributes, Induced Flight, and Solar Energy Emission

First Appearance

Cry Freedom Fighters!

Voiced By

Hope Levy

Stargirl is a sidekick of Starman.



Courtney Whitmore resented her stepfather, Pat Dugan for moving the family from familiar Los Angeles, California to Blue Valley, Nebraska. Things changed when Whitmore learned about Dugan's illustrious past as a superhero. She stole the Cosmic Converter Belt, the source of power of the late Star Spangled Kid. At first, she became a super hero just to annoy her stepfather but over time Whitmore established herself as a legitimate super hero. The belt enhances Star's physical attributes such as strength and reflexes. Star is also armed with the Cosmic Staff which projects solar energy blasts and allows flight.

Stargirl is one of the newest super heroes and still has a lot to learn. She recently tried to fight Mantis alone. When the battle was clearly in Mantis' favor, Stargirl used the Cosmic Staff to send a Bat Signal into the sky. Blue Beetle answered instead and despite her snark, helped defeat the villain by overloading him with energy. Stargirl thanked Blue Beetle in her own way, and carried the unconscious Mantis away.

Powers and abilities.[]

Stargirl had no inherent powers, but she wielded a Cosmic Staff that enabled her to fly, shoot energy blasts,and manipulate energy. She was also skilful in hand-to-hand combat.