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Space Ghost

Real Name

Thaddeus Bach






Jan, Jace, and Blip

Abilities and Powers

Flight, Infiltration, Armed Combat, Unarmed Combat, Piloting, and Law Enforcement

First Appearance

Bold Beginnings!

Voiced By

Gary Owens



Space Ghost aka Thaddeus Bach was a married man and an officer of the Commandment, an interstellar police force. Bach was recruited to join the Eidolon Eight to fight and destroy evil. He discovered they were lawless vigilantes and tried to sever ties. They killed his family and left him for dead on a lifeless planet. Bach met Salomon and was reborn with a righteous purpose. After being mentored and taught in the mysteries of the universe, Bach became Space Ghost.

Space Ghost established his headquarters on the lifeless planet and renamed it Ghost Planet. He vowed to fight in the endless war on evil and travelled the universe. Space Ghost is equipped with Power Bands that emit various forms of ray blasts, an inviso button that renders him invisible, a force field, and communicator on his chest's silhouette. He later became the ward of Jan, Jace, and Blip. Years later, while on patrol with Batman, Space Ghost received a communication from Jace. He and Batman raced to planet Zeltor and defeated the Creature King.

Powers and Abilities[]

Space Ghost has a number of abilities thanks to his Power Bands. Such as flight, stun rays, freeze rays,vacuum adaption and many others.