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Solomon Grundy
Solomon Grundy BTBATB 001

Real Name

Cyrus Gold




Human (Zombie)


Weasel (2nd in command)

Abilities and Powers

Enhanced Strength and Re-Animation

First Appearance

Night of the Huntress!

Voiced By

Diedrich Bader



Solomon Grundy is a zombie mobster and a man who can't think strait, or event thing at all. Decades ago in the 19th century, Cyrus Gold was a wealthy merchant who lived in Gotham City. Gold was murdered by two gangsters. They cursed his body with greed and dumped the body into Slaughter Swamp which had its own mystical properties. Over time, the magic mixed, and an amnesic zombie rose from the swamp, always seeking wealth but never knowing why. At the same time, two criminals escaped from prison and hid at Slaughter Swamp. Gold killed them, took their clothes, and stumbled onto a settlement of drifters. They asked him his name and he replied he was born on a Monday. One of the men named him Solomon Grundy after a nursery rhyme.

Grundy formed a new gang due to his scattered memories and operated in Gotham City. Since his mouth was sewn shut, Grundy tends to mumble and is hard to understand. Grundy's right hand man, Weasel, often translates his orders to the henchmen. Grundy's condition as a zombie also lends him to being mentally challenged. On one occassion, Grundy kidnapped a brilliant scientist and attempted to steal his mind. Batman and Black Canary intervened.

He resurfaced alone in Bludhaven. Always an advocate of the direct approach, Grundy walked into Bludhaven Bank and took a 2 ton safe with him. The police put out an omega alert to summon Robin for help. Robin utilized a fire hydrant and a police stun gun to knock Grundy unconscious.

Solomon Grundy was one of the super villains that Bat Mite teleported to Gotham City to fight Batman. Grundy later appeared at an arms sale conducted by Joe Chill. He and the other villains in attendance fought Batman to but were easily beaten in a smoke screen, and escaped when the roof gave way.

Grundy later teamed up with Killer Croc, Bane, and Blockbuster to steal a gold statue. However, the four of them were defeated by Captain Marvel disguised as Batman.

Solomon Grundy was later one of the villains at the Joker's 'Superhero Celebrity Roast', where the villains were roasting Batman. Grundy attempted to mock Batman but was unintelligible due to his mouth being sewn shut. He and the others were then distracted by Jeffrey Ross long enough for Batman to escape. Grundy and the others were then knocked out and apprehended by Batman.

Powers and Abilities

Grundy has vast physical strength and endurance and, because he is a zombie, is effectively immortal. However, his limited intelligence somewhat mitigates his stance as a threat.