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Skeets bb

Real Name



Earth (25th century)




Booster Gold

Abilities and Powers

Space Time Manipulation, Levitation, Communication, Tracking, and Data Repository

First Appearance

Menace of the Conqueror Caveman!

Voiced By

Billy West

"Skeets runs on a genuine 25th century lutonium battery. Nothing like it in this time."



Skeets is a BX9 security robot assigned to the Natural History Museum in the 25th century. Befriended by a security guard named Michael Carter, Skeets became loyal to him. When Carter decided to travel through time and become a super hero, Skeets accompanied him as his robot sidekick and best friend.

Powered by a Lutonium power cell, Skeets is a floating repository of knowledge from the future and can perform any function needed, which included making phone calls, overloading magnetic fields, dressing Carter, reprogramming robots, creating time warps, and knowing how to repair six million forms of refrigeration.

Skeets' power source made it a target of Kru'll the Eternal when he sought to reactivate the powers of the meteorite that once granted him immortality. In the following confrontation, Booster Gold ordered Skeets to dump a full charge out. As a result, the meteorite blew up and Kru'll's warriors were returned to their normal states. Skeets survived intact. When the new Justice League was formed to battle Darkseid, Skeets elected to remain on the Watchtower and aid Martian Manhunter in getting the station fully operational.


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