Silver Cyclone

Real Name

John Ulthoon






Injustice Syndicate

Abilities and Powers

First Appearance

Deep Cover for Batman!

Voiced By

Corey Burton

"Robot? It's true I do hate all humans."''



Silver Cyclone was second in command of the Crime Syndicate and an evil version of Red Tornado. At the start of the episode Deep Cover for Batman Silver Cyclone reveals himself to be the mastermind behind the Crime Syndicates operation. After Batman disguised as Owlman, try's to deceive the syndicate by telling them that Earth-23 is far to dangerous to invade Cyclone switches to plan b which is the destruction of the entire Earth 23 world.

After obtaining the chemical needed for his bomb and capturing Red Hood the only hero left to oppose them, Silver Cyclone proceeded to torture Red Hood to see if he had left any traps on Earth 23. When Cyclone figured out that Red Hood was pass coding information to Batman, he located him in the ventilation shaft and blew him towards a set of rotating blades. Knowing that his would not stop him, Cyclone gathered all the other Crime Syndicate members and attacked Batman and Red Hood who freed the other heroes.

In the ensuring battle that Cyclone and his team lost, he revealed his ace in the hole. The bomb that he had completed, along with a twist. While he seemed to be a loyal member he secret plotted to destroy all organic life, including those of his comrades as his bomb only destroyed organic matter. However, a quick spade thrown into his head by Red Hood silenced Silver Cyclone once and for all.

Powers and Abilities

Silver Cyclones abilities were the same as Red Tornado. It is also shown that Silver Cyclone is a master of torture, showing no sympathy or regret for his actions on Humans.