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Shrapnel BTBATB 001

Real Name

Marshal Kirovan Kafka




Human (Mutated)



Abilities and Powers

Enhanced Strength, Energy Absorption, Regenerative Healing Factor, Infinite Supply, Impenetrable Skin, Aggression Empowerment and Explosive Bursts

First Appearance

When OMAC Attacks!

Voiced By

James Arnold Taylor

“Correction, it will destroy you. But I will become stronger than ever!” Shrapnel is the enemy of the Doom Patrol.



Marshal Kirovan Kafka watched as the Global Peace Agency arrived to stop his country from going to war. The war was prevented but an innocent village was destroyed. Out for revenge, Kafka became a militant outlaw whose actions branded him as an enemy of the Global Peace Agency. He planned to use an organic transient metal to upset the balance of power with an act of terrorism. After an attack on his compound by Batman and O.M.A.C., Kafka was well aware of O.M.A.C. and openly hated him. When O.M.A.C. was to deliver the killing blow with a laser ray, Batman intervened and the ray destroyed the compound.


Marshal Kirovan Kafka

Kafka was doused and bonded with the organic metal and survived the explosion. He renamed himself "Shrapnel" and vowed to kill O.M.A.C. Shrapnel fires scales from his body in projected bursts that collect energy and relays it back to him. In essence, he can't lose any body mass when he shoots rounds due to an accelerated regeneration capacity his new form boasts. Shrapnel quickly made his way to the Global Peace Agency headquarters and wrecked havoc. Shrapnel then set off a nuclear meltdown at a local power plant. The meltdown would destroy the Agency, O.M.A.C., and give him even more power in the process. O.M.A.C. realized defence makes the best offence and materialized a shield and took all of Shrapnel's blows. After exerting all his strength, Shrapnel was weakened and knocked unconscious. O.M.A.C. then secured him with a bent metal girder for the authorities.

Powers and Abilities[]

Having taken a bath in his own organic transient metal turned Kafka into the wrathful violence driven Shrapnel. In his newly christened living metallic form, Shrapnel could discharge pieces of his body as hyper velocity flechettes; like his namesake inquires, without expending ammunition or losing body-mass due to enhanced regenerative and restorative capability replacing lost bio metallic substance. He also boasts enhanced physical capabilities related to strength, stamina and toughness; enough to match and/or even exceed the vastly superhuman O.M.A.C. provided the metallic tyrant has fed upon enough energy. Another facet is the capacity to turn physical forces or volatile acts into raw power increasing his already formidable might & menace to immeasurable levels, but only so long as the enemy continues to retaliate in response; afterwards when they stop resisting Shrapnel becomes weaker and weaker until he eventually keels over exhausted. He boasted he could even survive and become empowered by a massive nuclear detonation by a destabilized power plant.