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"The others don't know what I'm capable of. But one day, I'll show them. I've got the true heart of a hero...I keep it in a big jar at the back of my closet."

Scarlet Scarab

Real Name

Jaime Reyes






Injustice Syndicate

Abilities and Powers

The Scarab

First Appearance

Deep Cover for Batman!

Voiced By

Will Friedle



Scarlet Scarab was the evil counterpart of Blue Beetle (Jaime Reyes). He displays the same powers and abilities as his counterpart but is much more ruthless in his execution. Like Blue Beetle, this version also talks to his suit. At the end of Deep Cover For Batman, he was seen fighting a heroic verison of Doctor Polaris and he is thrown into a cell with the other members of the crime syndicate.


At first, this version of Jaime Reyes seems to have much the same personality as his heroic counterpart, but key differences show up fairly quickly. As the Scarlet Scarab, he actually appears quite sadistic. Arguably and perhaps somewhat surprisingly, he comes off as more sadistic than anyone else seen on his team. During the episode, he is the only member of the Injustice Syndicate to verbally acknowledge the act of committing crimes and hurting others as fun, which he also does numerous times in the episode.

The most extreme example being when Silver Cyclone brings up the plan to destroy Batman's whole world. While everyone else in the Syndicate has straight and serious faces, Scarab grins and says that "no other crime could ever taste as sweet" after they did this. Remember, at this moment he is talking about murdering billions of innocent people and he refers to the act as tasting sweet.

He also occasionally gets lost in the fun of tormenting people and needs to get dragged back to focus on the task at hand by someone else. An example would be at the beginning when they are hunting Red Hood. Scarlet Scarab shoots at him with a massive blast and a knife-like grin until Owlman smacks him and reprimands him for jeopardizing the phase oscillator in his zeal. Clearly, he had too much fun sometimes to keep his eyes on the ball.

Powers and Abilities[]

Same as Blue Beetle (Jaime Reyes) except for the blasters, which are green unlike his good counterpart who shoots blue colored lasers from his arms.