Batman: the Brave and the Bold Wiki

Real Name

Dr. Jonathan Crane






Scream Queen, Legion of Doom

Abilities and Powers

Psychology, Biochemistry, and Armed Combat

First Appearance

Trials of the Demon!

Voiced By

Dee Bradley Baker

“Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! Indeed, I've genetically-modified this year's entire pumpkin crop to emit my Fear Gas when heated. Every Jack-'o-Lantern in this city is a ticking time bomb.” - Scarecrow after exposing Batman and Flash to his Fear Gas.



Scarecrow, aka Jonathan Crane, was beat up and harassed by bullies throughout his childhood. As an adult, Crane obsessed about learning about every known phobia. Along the way, he experimented with chemicals, hallucinogens, and adreno-cortical secretions that allowed him to induce fear out of people. As a specialist in fear, Crane became a professor of psychology at Gotham State University where he conducted unorthodox research. After being dismissed from the University, he swore revenge and became "The Scarecrow".

Scarecrow went on a killing spree and targeted the University's regents, but Batman was able to stop him. Over time, Scarecrow became a constant foe of Batman and Robin. One night, on All Hallow's Eve, Scarecrow came up with a scheme to infect the year's crop of pumpkins with his Fear Gas. They were genetically modified to emit the gas when it was heated like a traditional jack-'o-lantern. Despite having skeleton costume-clad henchmen and Scream Queen in his employ, Scarecrow was found out and defeated by Batman and the Flash. While trying to escape, Scarecrow was buried under all the pumpkins the Flash recovered.

Scarecrow was imprisoned at Blackgate Penitentiary and became part of a prison riot when Babyface attempted to break out members of his gang. He was later transferred to Arkham Asylum.