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Rohtul BTBATB 001

Real Name



Zur En Arrh


Zur En Arrhan


Batman of Zur En Arrh

Abilities and Powers

Genius, Robotics, and Science

First Appearance

The Super Batman of Planet X!

Voiced By

Clancy Brown



Xel Rohtul (Lex Luthor spelled backwards) is a mad genius who constructs a legion of robots to conquer planet Zur En Arrh. His efforts were repeatedly opposed by Batman of Zur En Arrh. Besides robotics, Rohtul also appears to have a detailed knowledge of humanoids across space; Rann, Thanagar, and Earth. Years later, Rohtul was defeated by two Batmen while rampaging in downtown Gothtropolis. While making an escape, Batman of Earth accidentally froze Rohtul's Robots.

Before he could be transported to the Zeta Alpha Prison Planet, Rohtul realized the new Batman was from Earth and summoned one of his robots with a device hidden in his mouth. With a second army, Rohtul exposed Batman to quartz, when combined with rhodon, poisonous to Earthlings. However, two Batmen without powers defeated Rohtul just as easily.

In a desperate move, Rohtul ordered his last robot to take Vilsi Valar hostage, a star reporter and love interest of Batman. While one Batman freed her with a Batarang, the other Batman launched his Bat Radia to disable the robot and save Valar. Rohtul was re-arrested. Since then, Rothul escaped prison again.

He later picked up a transmission from Earth and watched the Big Three defeat the Legion of Doom.

Powers and Abilities