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Rock of Eternity


Other Dimension


Other Dimension


21st century

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The Power of Shazam!


50,000 years ago, the wizard Shazam constructed the Rock of Eternity in a dimension outside the normal confines of space-time. It is said to be formed by two rock formations, one from Heaven and one from Hell. A powerful demon named "The Three Faces of Evil" is imprisoned within it. After Shazam retired from protecting Earth from evil, he permanently lived on the Rock in an ascended state of being, immortal and all knowing.

The true purpose of the Rock of Eternity is to act as a nexus of power from the six gods to those who speak the name "Shazam," currently Captain Marvel and Black Adam. From the Rock, Shazam can channel the energy of the gods and the legendary God-Wave, responsible with seeding planets with powerful beings. Thus, it is also an important anchor in balancing magic. In order to travel to the Rock of Eternity, one must wait for a subway train adorned in hieroglyphics and mystic runes. Currently, the train appears below Fawcett City. It takes its passenger deep into the center of the Earth to a cavern. The cavern houses the Seven Deadly Enemies of Man, imprisoned in statues.

From a throne, Shazam appears to his champions. It is said that only those with the power of Shazam have the strength to open the portal to the Rock of Eternity. One with super strength must move the throne to the right to reveal the portal, a vast wormhole. Knocking over a nearby flame will release the Seven Deadly Enemies of Man from their imprisonment. Black Adam, Dr. Sivana, Georgia Sivana, Thaddeus Sivana, Jr., Batman, and Captain Marvel all visited the Rock of Eternity. Sivana planned to steal the power of Shazam and destroy Captain Marvel once and for all. He failed to take Batman into account and was defeated.