Batman: the Brave and the Bold Wiki

Real Name

Cliff Steele






Doom Patrol

Abilities and Powers

Superhuman strength and endurance, super speed, super vision

First Appearance

The Last Patrol!

Voiced By

Henry Rollins

"Maybe this is what I want"



As a former man who was put inside a Robot to survive Robotman was considered a freak and outcast and readily joined the Doom Patrol. Once on the team he quickly bonded with the others as they went on many adventures and eventually won the begrudging respect of the public.

However, after the tragedy in Paris tension grew between the team. Especially between him and Negative Man. Robotman then left the team and signed up as a living crash test dummy and in his loneliness developed suicidal tendencies. However, when the Doom Patrol re formed Robotman came back onto the roster and helped the team defeat Arsenal. The victory was short lived however as the team and Batman were captured by General Zahl. Zahl placed the Patrol on one island full of explosives and forced them to make a choice. They could save another island with a mere fourteen people or they could save themselves. Ultimatley, the Doom Patrol decided to save the other island and sacrifice themselves. Batman however escaped his Death Trap and destroyed the detonators, but Zahl revealed that they were merely decoys and pressed a button on his hat destroying the Doom Patrol's Island and killing the Doom Patrol including Robotman in the process.