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Rip Hunter
Char 40714

Real Name

Rip Hunter


Earth (25th century)




Justice League International

Abilities and Powers

25th century technology

First Appearance

Time Out for Vengeance!

Voiced By

Brian Bloom



Rip Hunter is a time-traveling hero. As the world's most renowned researcher in the field of time, Rip Hunter invented several devices that allow him to travel across time and space. He soon became a time traveling hero and took the name "Rip Hunter" so that none of his enemies could travel into the past and assassinate him. Over time, he was famously known as the Time Master. In the 21st century, he joined the Justice League International as a reserve member.

Time Out for Vengeance![]

Rip Hunter detected Batman's erasure from the space-time continuum and brought the news to the Justice League International. He traced the event to the actions of a mysterious group of assassins, the Batman Revenge Squad, and initiated a mission across time to save the remaining Batmen. Hunter piloted his Time Sphere and deposited two heroes in each time period with a homing device which would take them back to the Sphere when activated. When the mission failed to save Batman, Rip Hunter and Martian Manhunter realized the answer lay in the future. Equinox revealed himself to still be alive and the source of Batman's disappearance. Once defeated, Batman resurfaced and Rip Hunter brought him to the future to reunite with the Justice League International and meet four other Batmen.

Powers and Abilities[]

Genius level inventor. Time-traveler. Skilled in fighting styles and martial arts from every era of history.