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Rat Men
Ratmen Leader

Base of Operations

Earth A.D.

Team Leader(s)

Rat Leader

Current Members

Various members


Tiger Empire


Kamandi, Dr. Canus

First Appearance

Dawn of the Dead Man!


Centuries into the future, Earth was brutally transformed by the Great Disaster. Animals mutated into hybrid human forms and became the dominant species on Earth A.D.. The Rat Men evolved into a scavenger race. Based under the old ruins of New York City, the rats were always in conflict with Great Caesar and the Tiger Empire, whose territory included New York. To avoid detection, they employed scuba gear to navigate the Undersea New York Rat Network. Another threat that they encounter on a routine basis is Kamandi.

In the Tiger Empire (formerly New York City), a pack of Rat Men pursued Kamandi, Dr. Canus, and Batman. Despite having more men, the Rat Men were outsmarted by the trio. Several Rat Men later joined Prince Tuftan's coalition against Gorilla Grodd and the Ape Men.