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Sector 2682




21st century

First Appearance

Mystery in Space!


Rann is located 25 trillion miles from Earth. A bloody civil war divided cities but its end was marked by the destruction of Zared when it disappeared under the Sea of Abex. It is believed that underwater thermal energy fissures shifted tectonic plates and generated an epic tidal wave that reformed the nearby area. Since then, the people of Rann lived in peace and accumulated knowledge. Jetpacks and flying cars swarm the many cities. Its capital Ranagar is nicknamed the "Jewel of Rann." Outside of the cities, the planet is inhabited by prehistoric creatures including the Horned Whales of Abex.

When the inhabitants needed a protector, a scientist named Sardath who used his Zeta Beam to search for help but had mistakingly teleported Adam Strange from Earth to Rann.

Strange agreed to help defend Rann against constant alien invasion. One such invasion was to repel the Gordanians. Batman and Aquaman provided support.

Some time later, Kanjar Ro planned to vaporize all sentient life on Rann then conquer the universe. Strange and a stray dog managed to defeat Kanjar Ro. Strange used his Energi-Rod to teleport Kanjar Ro and an active Negaton Bomb to a nearly deserted planet.