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Proto Bat-Bot

Real Name

Proto Bat-Bot






Bat Family

Abilities and Powers

Enhanced Strength, Flight, Energy Manipulation, Laser Emission, and Armed Combat

First Appearance

Plague of the Prototypes!

Voiced By

Adam West
Jeff Bennett


Batman (Creator)





The Proto Bat-Bot is a beta test robot created by Batman in his likeness. Standing 15 feet tall, the Proto Bat-Bot was the first Bat-Robot created by Batman to guard Gotham City when he was away. It has several programmed modes such as "War on Evil" and undergoes a slight transformation. In this mode, it can manipulate energy into weapon constructs, shoot lasers from the chestplate, and utilize rocket propulsion. However, Proto was rather bumbling and was to be deactivated but Ace took a liking to him. However, Proto was still a prototype not suited for battlefield conditions and ordered to remain in the Batcave. Batman showed regret his over zealousness designing Proto too big.

Proto convinced Ace to let him help Batman when Black Mask reprogrammed the Bat-Robots to do his bidding. Proto later realized he could operate in the field if he could imagine the citizens of Gotham as kittens. Proto destroyed three armed Bat-Robots and flew the sixth and last one into the sky to safely detonate. Despite the nuclear capacity of the explosive, he survived. Batman decided to assign Proto to patrol space, where he could be a hero and have more room to move in. Soon enough, his first mission was to drive back an alien force trying to invade Earth disguised as meteors. Although Ace would miss Proto, Batman reminded him that Proto would be back home for regular visits and tune-ups.