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Professor Zee

Real Name

Professor Zee






Axis Powers

Abilities and Powers

Science and Technology

First Appearance

The Golden Age of Justice!

Voiced By

Dee Bradley Baker

"Let me show you what this nerd can do!"



During World War II, Professor Zee worked for the Time Trust, an organization dedicated to secure a suitable method of defense. He met a man named Per Degaton and became his loyal assistant. Zee used his vast scientific knowledge to craft weapons for Degaton and his army. Professor Zee was the loyal servant of Per Degaton who disappeared after the Battle for Europe. Years later he freed Degaton who had been trapped in the Spear of Destiny. The two then proceeded to try and enact another plan for Global Domination but ultimatley fell at the hand of the Justice Society of America.

Professor Zee managed to relocate to Gotham City in America and made preparations for Degaton's return. He created various weapons, such as laser rifles, tar guns, and tanks, and a vast Robot Army programmed to be loyal without question. He also upgraded his gloves to carry an electric charge if close combat were ever required of him again. Decades later, the aged Zee entered the JSA Headquarters during the highly publicized JSA Reunion. He then hacked into the JSA Vault and restored Per Degaton. In the final battle, Per Degaton was defeated by Wildcat. When Degaton's Spear of Destiny overloaded, Zee was reduced to an infant. It appears a special case was made and he was imprisoned at Iron Heights, possibly a nursery.