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Professor Gorilla

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Above Average Physical and Mental Attributes

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Bat-Mite Presents: Batman's Strangest Cases!

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In the Bat-Manga universe, a gorilla was bought by a circus and named Karmak. It performed shows and endured humiliation for some time. Karmak eventually came into the possession of Professor Walter. Walter invented the Bioniformer, a device that converts animal intelligence into electrical waves that can then be absorbed into human cells. When attempted a similar procedure to absorb the strength of Karmak, a counter reaction occurred. Walter gained the animal's strength but in turn, Karmak received his intellect. It became a super genius and took the name Professor Gorilla. It donned a special alloy cloak to deflect projectile attacks and fled the Walter Biological Labs. Professor Gorilla declared war on mankind and blew up the Gotham Cinema during a viewing of "Going to Africa." Hundreds were killed or injured.

Since the process would last no longer than 150 hours, Professor Gorilla needed to reacquire human intelligence and chose Batman as his benefactor. For the next few days, Professor Gorilla then destroyed highways, buildings, and bridges. After the destruction of Gotham Bridge, Professor Gorilla attempted to kidnap Batman again. Anticipating this, Batman secretly sabotaged the Bioniformer. Unable to steal Batman's attributes, Professor Gorilla reverted to normal. After it took off the alloy cloak, Robin tranquilized Karmak. Batman and Robin decided to return the gorilla back into the wild.