Professor Carter Nichols
Professor Carter Nichols

Real Name

Carter Nichols






Batman (Allies)

Abilities and Powers

Science and Engineering

First Appearance

The Last Bat On Earth!

Voiced By

Richard McGonagle

"This beacon will allow the time ray to find you in the time stream and return you to the present."

"In other words, don't lose it."



Professor Carter Nichols is a well-known and admired scientist in Gotham City. Nichols specializes in Quantum Theory and Engineering. He is famous for perfecting a process of displacing physical entities across time by hypnosis. This accomplishment earned Nichols the honor of working with Batman and Robin on cases over the years. Whenever a case dictated time travel to solve it, Batman would utilize his services.

After a more rigorous study of quantum theory, Nichols perfected the Time Ray, a device that could physically send matter to the past or future. His experiments later caught the attention of Gorilla Grodd. Grodd forced Nichols to send him to the future, during the time of the Great Disaster. Batman later arrived and freed Nichols.


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