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Prince Tuftan

Real Name



Earth A.D.


Tiger Men


Tiger Empire

Abilities and Powers

Enhanced Senses, Military Arts, Diplomacy, and Leadership

First Appearance

The Last Bat On Earth!

Voiced By

Yuri Lowenthal


Great Caesar (father)



Prince Tuftan is son of Great Caesar and heir to the Tiger Empire. However, unlike his father, Tuftan is a secret ally of Kamandi, the last man on Earth. Tuftan believes that all species on Earth deserve rights and opposes slavery.

During a battle against the Ape People, Tuftan was saved by Kamandi, revealing his secrets to his people. Branded as a traitor, Tuftan was later captured with Kamandi, Batman, and Dr. Canus when they tried to free wild humans from Tiger Men. Great Caesar sentenced him to several years of imprisonment in the Empire's dungeons. However, a force of Ape People led by Gorilla Grodd created an opportunity for the four to escape. Batman charged Tuftan with the task of quickly rounding up a coalition of Animal Men to oppose the Apes.

Tuftan managed to ally the Bear Men, Lion Men, Rat Men, and Serpent Men together. In the final battle, Kamandi and Tuftan were able to trip up Tiny, a giant gorilla, and inspire the coalition to victory. After the battle, Great Caesar apologized to his son and set his human slaves free.