Batman: the Brave and the Bold Wiki

There is a link from on February 6, from James Tucker that he posted a photo of a board with a season worth of possible storylines, some unused.



**Joker and Rip Hunter in a "Doctor Who" parody,

**The Inferior Five.

**Batman and Robin vs Crimson Avenger and Wings in a Green Hornet style.

**Green Arrow gets his goatee.

**Batman and the Unknown Soldier.

**Wonder Woman.

**Batman and Teen Titans (Nightwing, Speedy, Kid Flash and Aqualad).

**Batman and Catwoman.

**Shazam teaser.

**Batman and Ragman.

**Batman and Flash (Barry Allen).

**Batman and Villains.

*Main Plots:

**Guy Gardner made evil by Sinestro into Parallax. Enter Alan Scott, the Golden Age Green Lantern.

**Aquaman and Claw the Unconquered.

**Jonah Hex and Two-Face in the Old West.

**JLI vs Royal Flush Gang/Roulette. Also Blue Beetle being recruited into the Teen Titans.

**4 Teaser Movie with the Challengers of the Unknown, Doom Patrol with Beast Boy, Metal Men and Batman.

**Batman as vampire vs Nocturna.

**Batman and Suicide Squad.

**Ditko Show (Question, Oddman and Creeper).

**Kamandi and Klik Klak.

**Superman vs JLI (with Wonder Woman).

**Supernatural heroes (Dr. Fate, Zatanna, Etrigan, Deadman and Spectre) or Wildcat vs Joker adaption.

**JLI/JSA Crisis 2-parter.