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Poison Ivy
Poison Ivy in Brave and the Bold

Real Name

Pamela Isley






Flower Children

Abilities and Powers

Plant Manipulation, Toxic Immunity, Toxicity, Pheromone Control, and Botany

First Appearance

Chill of the Night!

Voiced By

Jennifer Hale
Vanessa Marshall
Tara Strong (Scooby-Doo! & Batman: The Brave and the Bold)



Poison Ivy (also known as Pamela Lillian Isley) is an enemy of Batman and Robin. Standing at a height of 5'2" and weighing 100 pounds, Dr. Pamela Isley was a gifted botanist from Seattle, Washington. She fell for Dr. Jason Woodrue and was used for his greatest experiment. Toxins were injected into her bloodstream and made Isley's mere touch toxic. She also was given the ability to generate pheromones to control any man. Chlorophyll pigment placed was also placed her blood and caused her skin to turn green. However, Woodrue was being investigated by the police. He fled and left Isley to be captured. After six months in a hospital, Isley gave into anger and went insane. After her release, Isley resurfaced in Gotham City as the temptress, Poison Ivy. She blackmailed the city with the threat of releasing deadly spores into the sky. Batman and Robin defeated her and she was sent to Arkham Asylum.

Chill of the Night!

At an arms sale conducted by Joe Chill, Poison Ivy was present. Ivy made the first bid for the Sonic Disrupter at $10,000. When Batman crashed the sale, Ivy rallied several henchmen after him, but she and her henchman are knocked out by Batman. After it was revealed Chill was responsible for creating Batman, the villains turned on him. She and the others fled the site when the roof began to give way.

The Mask of Matches Malone!

Some time later, Poison Ivy unleashed her latest plan to become Queen of Crime. A massive outgrowth of plant life sprang forth in Gotham City around a giant purple plant. Batman arrived to stop her with Black Orchid secretly disguised as one of her Flower Children. When Batman rejected Ivy's offer to be her king, she ordered him to be fed to the carnivorous purple plant named Georgia. However, Batman had a bomb ready and escaped. Poison Ivy attempted to kill Batman in anger, but was knocked out and badly beaten by Black Orchid.

Crisis 22,300 Miles Above Earth

Poison Ivy was among the villains at the Joker's 'Superhero Celebrity Roast' where the villains had kidnapped Batman and were literally roasting him alive. However, she and the other villains were distracted by Jeffrey Ross long enough for Batman to escape. She was then taken down along with the other villains.