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Planet Master
Planet Master BTBATB 001

Real Name

Irving Norbert







Abilities and Powers

Enhanced Strength, Enhanced Speed, Cryokinesis, and Terrakinesis

First Appearance

Aquaman's Outrageous Adventure!

Voiced By

Stephen Root



While investigating a meteorite, Professor Norbert inhaled gas from it and went criminally insane. He took the name Planet Master and devised a suit that mimicked the features of the nine planets of the Solar System. With a simple vocal command, he could have the strength of Jupiter, speed of Mercury, cold of Pluto, or rings of Saturn. The corresponding planet would appear and illuminate on his chestplate. Planet Master went on a crime spree but was eventually defeated by Batman and Robin.

He recently resurfaced in Texas at the Yarmouth Goldmine to steal a deposit of gold. Blue Beetle and Aquaman teamed up to defeat him. While Blue Beetle provided the distraction and defensive shields, Aquaman repelled a gold boulder back at Planet Master and knocked him out. The battle was then named "Plague of the Planet Master" by Aquaman. It was later televised on the news and discovered by accident by Queen Mera and Arthur Jr. while on a vacation from heroics. Planet Master soon escaped prison and returned to Gotham City. During a hangout at a seedy bar, he and the other villains present were met with three Batmen and Firestorm to fight.

Powers and Abilities[]