Phase Oscillator
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Red Hood, Owlman, Batman, Batmen of the Multiverse


Red Hood


21st century

First Appearance

Deep Cover for Batman!


The Phase Oscillator appears to be the creation of the Red Hood of Earth-23. The oscillator acts as a bridge between two parallel universes by opening a temporary wormhole. Over the course of time, the oscillator changed hands many times, eventually ending up in the hands of Batman.

After defeating the Injustice Syndicate on Earth-23, Batman used the oscillator to explore several other Earths over the span of a week. He met alternate versions of himself and made alliances with them if the need ever rose. After returning to his Earth, he learned that the use of the oscillator comes at a price, it also warps time. He was returned three weeks after his departure.

Owlman wanted the phase oscillator back in order to plan a full scale invasion. He stole files from the Bat Computer to create weapons to use against the world's super heroes. He held the heroes as ransom and wanted the oscillator in exchange. Batman refused and summoned his alternate allies. In the aftermath, Owlman was defeated and Batman left the oscillator in the hands of his allies.