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Per Degaton

Real Name

Per Degaton






Axis Powers

Abilities and Powers

Enhanced Strength, Impenetrable Skin, Armed Combat, Unarmed Combat, Strategy, and Leadership

First Appearance

The Golden Age of Justice!

Voiced By

Clancy Brown

"I promise, you've never seen anything like me."



Per Degaton was an enemy of the Justice Society of America and an ally of the Axis powers during WWII. During World War II, a lab assistant working for the Time Trust became obsessed with time travel, himself. The Justice Society of America was assigned to use the Trust's Time Ray to go to the future and learn a way to win the war. Jealous of the JSA, the man sabotages their discovery and quits. Over the next several years, he worked with others in an attempt to secure his own method of time manipulation. After journeying across time and space, he took the name Per Degaton. He returned to his time, amassed an army, and tried to overtake the White House.

During the Battle for Europe Degaton attempted to use the damaged Spear of Destiny to wipe out Black Canary and the allied troops but only succeeded in sucking himself into an anti matter dimension.

Years later his loyal servant, Professor Zee freed him during a JSA reunion. After quickly defeating Batman and Wildcat Degaton proceeded to take out the rest of the Justice Society, rejoicing that age had warn them down to their knees while he was away. He then went on to renew his plans of conquest with the new robot army that Zee had prepared for him. When confronted again by the Justice Society (who had been patched up thanks to Dr. Mid Nite), Degaton used the Spear of Destiny to age them all even further.

However, the arrival of Wildcat and the new Black Canary turned the tides, as Batman used the Spear to return the JSA back to their original WWII states. After a battle with Batman and Black Canary, who used he Canary Cry to take down his army, Degtaon attempted to use the Spear of Destiny to kill them all. Having been damaged by the Canary Cry, it only succeeded in turning him to a extremely old man, Zee into a baby and the JSA back to their normal selves.