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21st century

First Appearance

Day of the Dark Knight!

"Oa, Green Lantern Headquarters."


The ancient history of Oa goes back thousands of years. Founded the Guardians of the Universe, Oa is home to the famed Green Lantern Corps, the policemen of the universe. Each member of the corps is given a power ring which is power by the central power battery on Oa although most Lanterns carry portable generators.

The Attack of Despero

During the episode The Eye of Despero, Oa is attacked by the cosmic being known as Despero, after turning most of the corps into slaves, Hal Jordan trapped the corps in his ring keeping Despero from getting his hands on them and sent the ring to Batman for safe keeping. Then with the help of the only four lanterns left, Batman helped bring Despero down.

Invasion of the Reach

Thousands of years earlier, the Guardians defeated a band of cosmic marauders know as the Reach. Many years the later the Reach plotted revenge which resulted in the Battle of Oa.


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